What is MEP Modeling?

A MEP Modeling is the process to create three-dimensional models of ductwork, piping and electrical networks in order to make the building information model of the designed building.

CADBIM Surveys has a crew of Modeler Specialists. Therefore, they are excellent in reading and understanding point cloud data and creating as-built BIM Models from the point cloud.


  • Crucial for high-quality asset management.

  • An excellent historical record of MEP features to an accuracy of 5mm.

  • LOD (Level of Detail) and LOI (Level of Information).

  • User-friendly, online-viewing platforms allow clients to simply and clearly view a model.

  • Facilities management team.

  • Electrical Modeling : Modeling of lighting fixtures, wiring of fixtures, cable trays.

  • Mechanical Modeling : Modeling of duct, duct fitting, equipment, diffusers, grills, etc.

  • Plumbing Modeling : Modeling of plumbing, drainage, water supply and distribution plan, sanitary fixtures and air gas system plan.

Our MEP Modeling Services

  • 3D Modeling and Rendering for MEP layout

We provide an area of as-built surveys for architectural and engineering development. Therefore, We have created existing designs of Hospitals, Schools, Residential buildings, Comercial Building, Planters, etc. from Point Cloud. CADBIM offers an accurate and detailed 3D MEP Model in Revit.

  • Clash detection and resolution

Clash detection is the realisation of conflicts, whether structural or MEP, through an automated and computerised approach. Clash detection can be carried out on multiple 3D models and is an invaluable tool for designers, architects, builders, engineers and contractors to determine clashes or conflicts in the structures.

  • As-Built drawings

We provide MEP modeling Services for mechanical, electricity and plumbing industry. For examples, producing 3D model of Machinery, Boiler rooms and industrial structures.

What Software Does CADBIM Surveys use to process and to create BIM Models?