What is Scan to BIM?

We are referring the process of “using the 3D Laser scanning” to capture a high accuracy points cloud of physical area or a site. For instance, this set of data points in space can be used for AEC industry.

CADBIM Surveys has a crew of Laser Scanner Specialists. Therefore, they excel in coordination to capture data on site, processing of data and accurate point cloud deliverable.

Our BIM Modeler experts are excellent in reading and understanding point cloud data and creating as-built BIM Models from the point cloud.

This methodology is called “Scan to BIM


  • Crucial for high-quality asset management.

  • An excellent historical record of a building’s features to an accuracy of 5mm.

  • Georeferencing.

  • LOD (Level of Detail) and LOI (Level of Information).

  • Facilities management team.

  • User-friendly, online-viewing platforms allow clients to simply and clearly view a model.

  • 3D Rendered Models

  • 3D Analysis and Clash Detection

Our Scan to BIM Services

  • Scan to BIM for Residencial and Commercial Infrastructure

We provide an area of as-built surveys for architectural and engineering development. Therefore, We have created existing designs of Hospitals, Schools, Residential buildings, Comercial Building, Bridges, etc. from Point Cloud. CADBIM offers an accurate and detailed 3D Model in Revit

  • Scan to BIM for Heritage

Historical building to BIM is the most complex and difficult conversion.For instance, CADBIM Surveys has the most talented and experienced professionals to undertake this type of modelling. We have extensive experience 3D Laser Scanning and Photogrammetry Industry and therefore in the production of 3D models, animations and illustrations for presentations in visitor centres, museums and through the media.

  • Scan to BIM For Mechanical, Electricity and Plumbing

We provide MEP modeling Services for mechanical, electricity and plumbing industry. For examples, producing 3D model of Machinery, Boiler rooms and industrial structures.

  • Scan to BIM for Topographical Survey

Laser scanners are now go-to measurement tools for land surveyors, with professionals around the world turning to the technology to improve their data collection and project outcomes. Above all, CADBIM Surveys goal is to understand the site work to provide “best for project”and the most cost-efficient survey solution to suit your needs. Therefore, we undertake all types of land survey fields and turn all Topographic information to BIM projects.

  • Scan to CAD for Measured Buildings

We offer Topographical maps and  Measured Building drawing ( 2D Floor Plants, Elevations and sections ) in DWG and PDF format from Scanning and Total Station.

What Software Does CADBIM Surveys use to process and to create BIM Models?
Scan to BIM Samples
Rendering Model of Detached HousePoint Cloud of the detached House